Todos Caerán – Town of Cats


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First of all a big shout out to Darren from Dog Knights Productions for releasing some of the most awesome stuff in the last time. Don’t know how, but go on with that please.

His newest release is by a five-piece screamo/post-rock band from Edmonton, Albert called Todos Caerán (formed in 2009). I think since their release of “After Dark” they are pretty well know. They also released a couple of good splits including bands like Mahria, Silencio Ahora Silencio or Gumilinski.
As mentioned above “Town of Cats” is an unbelieveable fine record. 6 explosive sometimes heartbreaking songs between maybe Circle Takes the Square and Funeral Diner with a lot own ideas and a salient recognizability. “Town of Cats” drags you in and makes it hard to let go. It’s my 10th turn now I guess.
Always pushing the repeat button.

The songs are lyrically inspired by the works of Haruki Murakami and my favourite one is “Kafka on the Shore”. Damn, that song kills.
They nailed it with that one. Period.

Highly recommended.