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Miss The Stars Fest 2017 in Berlin – May 05-06, 2017

Suis La Lune (swe) — The Tidal Sleep (ger) — Swain (ger) — Ruined Families (gre) — Coma Regalia (us) — I Hate Sex (can) — Sore Eyelids (swe) — Anti-Corpos (bra) — Archivist (uk/austria) — Vi som älskade varandra så mycket (swe) — Lentic Waters (ger) — Young Mountain (swe) — I Love Your Lifestyle (swe) — LIRR. (ger) — Trembling Hands (swe) — Boneflower (sp) — kishote (ger) — Drei Affen (sp) — YURI (uk) — Thisis­menot­thinking­ofyou (uk) — Kepler (ger) — Yotsuya Kaidan (ukr) — uragano (it) — After­theriot (ger) — Charlotte Light and Dark (uk) — Mystery Language (swe)

When will tickets be sent?
Tickets will not be posted. After ordering your tickets your order number and unique security and QR codes will be emailed to you. Please print and bring these to the festival with you.

Are tickets refundable?
All tickets are non refundable but are transferable by you.

How can I transfer my ticket(s) to another person?
You can transfer tickets by sending the other person your ticket number and unique security and QR codes. Please be aware though that we are unable to take responsibility for tickets lost or stolen because you sent your security codes to someone else. If you are in doubt feel free to send us an email before the festival at missthestars.fest@gmail.com with the subject “Ticket Transfer”.

You can find more info at www.missthestars-fest.com or just write us an email – missthestars.fest@gmail.com.