FlowersxOfxCarnage – Demo


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Mustard Mustache Records and I are going to release a tape of this great demo. So glad that they asked us. Well FlowersxOfxCarnage are some DIY kids from Asia playing intense emoviolence/screamo stuff in the most awesome way. Think of maybe Arse Moreira, Elesh Norn, Tentacles, Cease upon the capitol and several other furious bands. A tempest-tossed heavy sound-wall assorted with some congenial movie/interview (?) snippets. Well, I don’t know if they played in some other bands before but…damn…it’s so sick how good they are with their very first release.

No bummer. Almost no breathing-space. Straight-forward as fuck. Some of the best vocals in this genre. Good lyrics. I’m more then excited…this is just rad.