Old Gray – Everything I Let Go And The Things I Refuse To 7″ EP


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Been listening to it a lot. Old Gray is a 3-piece modern screamo/emo band hailing from Manchester, New Hampshire.

After a demo, an amazing debut EP called “Do I Dare Disturb the Universe” and several splits with The Hundred Acre Woods and Girl Scouts, Old Gray are back with a very emotive and pensive second EP called “Everything I let go and the things I refuse to”.
They have a great sense for touching and heartbreaking moments. Best proof: The introducing spoken-word part. I mean look at the lyrics. This is amazing stuff.

“Ailments become fragments of my imagination; I am encumbered by nothing. Hands in hand with a ghost of your former self, someone I once held away from the torments of situation; no longer am I strong enough- another voice has taken over, controlling, binding, leaving the person I am- fucking helpless, awaiting its next consensus. A face that is not there taunts me, breathing the same air that she held in her lungs, breaking, for it all seems so familiar.
I have been lost and faded into this place, waking only to find it still surrounds me, blotting out the pain but with it, the comfort. For I was a being existing but absent of life, selective thoughts showing only bliss.
Sifting through tarnished images of a past you were a part of, mind blanketed by memories- the ghost of your former self, someone I once held and time stood still.

Time stood still, at least to us. At least to us.”

I just can’t explain how much I love the poetic lyrics and well…everything about this band. His voice is so fragile and beautiful, so thrilling and moving. The instruments are powerful, bit jazz-influenced and always fitting.
“Resonance”, “Winter ’11″ and “Six Years” are modern screamo songs at its best. Fantastic, intense and heart shredding. You know I’m not much of a writer haha…but believe me…this EP is more than amazin’ and totally worth a listen. Mind blowing.
One of the best releases this year. Woohooo.

More fav. Quotes

“How I wish i could go back to the day where my heart was still working and I still had a brain…”

“…the person I miss most is you six years ago”

“I’m so tired of dying each night.”

Merchant Ships, William Bonney, Chinese Drama or Ezra Joyce

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