Miss The Stars Fest III 2016

hey punx,
the tickets will go on sale tomorrow.

Any questions regarding the fest?

Raein (Legendary screamo band from italy)

Sport (Emopunk heroes from lyon, france)

MORT MORT MORT (Screamo/post-hardcore/metal titans from france)

What Price, Wonderland? (Old-school emo/screamo from the UK. Back again after some long time)

The Hope and the Failure (Reunion | Intense screamo/post-rock from sweden)

Shirokuma (Emo/Screamo-Sweethearts from söderhamn)

Careless (Playing their last berlin/germany-show ever. Such a great and lovely band)

The Caulfield Cult (Amazing Emo-Punk band from Singapore)

Enoch Ardon (Chaotic screamo/emoviolence from spain)

Vi som älskade varandra så mycket (Outstanding swedish screamo)

We Had A Deal – stirring blend of groovy/chaotic hardcore, 90ies screamo, outstanding vocals

OsoLuna (Intense screamo from spain for fans of Ojne, Orchid and Viva Belgrado)

Mont-Doré (Visual and muscial stunning screamo/post-hardcore band from belgium)

Potence (Intense dark crust/screamo from france with members of Géraniüm, Human Compost, Black Code and Daïtro)

Mahlstrom (Moving “Weltschmerz” – Hardcore/Post-hardcore Ditzingen)

LOTUS (Awesome hardcore-punk for fans of Swain and Ceremony)

THURM (Dark and heavy post-black-metal for fans of Oathbreaker and Celeste)

Scared of Everything (Rad screamo from the UK)

Years Passing (Solo emo/shoegaze/ambient project by henning from Suis la lune)

La Petite Mort / Little Death(Upcoming Screamo/Post-hardcore highlight)

Det är därför vi bygger städer (New incredible screamo band with members of Careless, Ken Burns and Disembarked)

Fever. (Awesome hardcore punk band from Utrecht with members of Swain)

Ceilings (Most saddest twinkle skramz. Hailing from Cheltenham, UK)

THEY SLEEP WE LIVE (New screamo band for fans of the old 90’s stuff. Keep an eye on=

Rêche (New screamo band from Erlangen/Beilstein)

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