Miss The Stars Screamo Sampler V

hey punx,
the new screamo sampler is up on bandcamp. hope you all enjoy this as much as me. I’ve tried to cover a wide spectrum of screamo with this 27 songs – screamo inspired post-hardcore, hip-hop, blackgaze, violence, crust, experimental emo and more.

Enjoy <3


Super-big hugs to all the stunning bands:
Kalkavé, Crows An Wra, Youth Funeral, Monoliths., anorak., leaves., Факел/Flambeau, Easy Lover, Yotsuya Kaidan, Irae, Monte Ida, Supine, Empty Beds, JAROD, Telekom Basketball, ÊTRE?, Janpalach, The Hope and the Failure, Foxtails, Nous Étions, This Too Will Pass, LA LUNA, Youth Novel, Sleeping Field, Pettersson, The Sky Above And Earth Below and Respire

Special thanks to Skeletal Lightning, Uncle M and lifeisafunnything.

You. are. all. amazing.

Thank you.


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