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[parallax_hero heading_text=”New Suis La Lune EP ‘Distance/Closure'” description_text=”Legendary screamo band Suis la lune from sweden is back with their new EP Distance/Closure. A 4-song EP that clocks in at over 29 minutes, Suis La Lune’s newest effort is equal parts abrasive and melodic and all together epic as hell.” background_img=”https://f1.bcbits.com/img/a4082857700_10.jpg” alignment=”left” parallax=”0″ overlay_color=”#00000″ overlay_opacity=”0.7″ layout=”fixed” full_height=”0″ button_text=”Buy now” button_url=”https://www.missthestars-records.com/product/suis-la-lune-distance-closure-vinyl/”]